Plumbing Engineer 04 01 2016 E Edition Page 2

Stop odors before they start. SIMPLE PRESS FIT INSTALLATION RectorSeal 2601 Spenwick Drive - Houston, TX 77055 800-231-3345 3" 2" 4" Vent Guard stops roof vent odors from migrating back in through indoor air ducting Carbon black infused for UV protection. ROOF VENT ODOR PROTECTION SureSeal Vent-Guard A CSW Industrials Company SureSeal flapper allows drainage, closes to lock out odors. Stops odor problems from infrequently used drains. Eliminates costly trap primer replacement or repairs. SureSeal Plus adds the ability to stop up to 5ft of head pressure. Also 3 " & 4" 2" 3" TRAP SEAL ODOR / BACKWATER PROTECTION SureSeal SureSeal Plus 2" % WATERLESS OPERATION ASSOCIATE MEMBER 4

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