Plumbing Engineer 03 01 2017 E Edition Page 2

SureSeal Plus SureSeal ASSOCIATE MEMBER 4 Patented pressure relief valve. Prevents air lock. Side hinge operation. Allows unobstructed flow in heavy drainage situations. Deeper wall SureSeal Plus models stop up to 5 ft of head pressure Thicker substrate. Longer seal life. Patented memory hinge. Complete seal every time. Press-fit gasket installation. No silicone needed. SureSeal waterless in-line drain trap seal solves odor and bug problems associated with infrequently used floor drains. Patented memory hinge and pressure release valve deliver superior, longer lasting operation. Quickly/effectively solve odor problems For use in any drain - in any location Eliminate the need for trap primer Replace a failed trap primer Certified to ASSE 1072 Fits both cast iron or plastic floor drains. RectorSeal 2601 Spenwick Drive - Houston, TX 77055 800-231-3345 Superior odor control. Extra drainage protection. Patent: USA 9,139,991 & 9,010,363

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